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Author Topic: Lead to Fire stories  (Read 7644 times)


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Lead to Fire stories
« on: October 12, 2014, 02:32:13 PM »
I'm going to be posting my stories here for now, so I have a place to save them (in case the bubblews website gets messed up or doesn't save them etc)

i would like for people to refrain from posting comments in here, I will make a thread for comments to the stories soon. Thank you :)


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Re: Lead to Fire stories
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2014, 02:35:57 PM »
The First Assault


It came in the dead of night, when most of us were asleep. We had just built our fourth farm in the area. We thought we were safe because our scouts hadn't found a single trace of the enemy. Their roguish Mice were swarming our camp attacking everyone in sight. No one was ready, no one was at arms, and we were all starving in need of food and nourishment.

They killed a few of our farm workers then tried to tear down the whole building! I was finally able to rush to the armory and grab my steel spear and a couple daggers. As a Lizard Lancer, I was only trained in the art of spearmanship and the spacing of close combat, but in my spare time I trained with throwing knives. I had the best accuracy of any of our long ranged fighters.

Hustling out of the armory three quick little Mice jolted for me with blood lust in their souls. I hurled one of my daggers catching one of the Mice directly between the eyes. One down. The other two reached me simultaneously. THWAK. I hit one on the side of the head with my spear sending him to the ground writhing in pain, the other, leaped onto me and started slashing at my chest. My scales were resilient but I could feel his piercing attacks.

I dropped my spear and finally thrust the devil off of my body. I pulled my final dagger and readied my stance. He licked the edge of his shiv with the most crazed look I have ever seen. He charged. He was so fast, I could barely keep track of where he was. I stayed calm though, as he leaped at my body again, I caught his chin with my right elbow and a round-about haymacker from my left fist - which sent him sprawling. Stepping on his tail, he never spoke and never pleaded. Staring into his now cold, yet alive eyes, I took my trophy. He ran back away from our camp, just as other soldiers arrived at the fort. Looking back at them I held up a bloody tail and we cheered in victory! I had won this battle, but the war had just begun.


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Re: Lead to Fire stories
« Reply #2 on: October 12, 2014, 02:36:56 PM »
The Patch He Wears


"Day 24 : 2 AM"

I heard him utter what seemed to be how many days into the war we were, followed by the time.

Ever since we were kids, before the accident, before I became an outlaw to most and a savior to others, I knew Patchy - well he was called Edgar then - to be the meticulous type. In his study, farming and even his fighting skill. He always knew the right counter when I would strike, and he always knew when to attack as the other students lunged.

We were two of the luckiest eight lizards to be able to attend Lancer's Academy. We came from a poor farming tribe of Reptilians and we couldn't get in on good faith. Us eight were the only ones lucky enough to scrounge up enough silver to become students. The academy normally only let in the wealthier class of Lizards to train, some foreign reptilians made the cut, but never any mammals or the avian.

"You know... I never thought we'd be fighting side by side, after The Faithful fell, you disappeared."

We stayed silent for a few minutes because I didn't know how to respond.

"I'm not looking for an explanation, just... Thank you for that day."

He got up and left our post, probably heading back to camp.

I still remember the day when the faithful fell. It was the day of our final test. We both were supposed to show our master, also known as The Faithful, a display of skill and technique, a sparring between us and other teachers. Until our sensei switched our task. We were to fight each other in a Bushido quarry. A fight to uphold the warrior's code. A fight to submission... or death.

We stood across from one another, readying our lances. I made the first attack knowing he would stay still until I moved. Instead of slashing or lunging, I feigned a quick jab which allowed him to react. He jumped to the side and brought his lance down upon me. Able to get my spear up in time, our weapons met and clashed. I knew this fight was going to be a quick one, but I didn't know who would be victorious. I spun my spear to match his lance, to be parallel to one another, and let them both drop. His hands lay on the wood of his weapon, following it to the ground, for I had let them go. During the whole second he was unable to defend. I took this moment to strike. I drove the palm of my hand into his throat, knocking him backwards, and with a sweep of my tail to the ground. I landed on his rib cage waiting for him to submit. When he didn't The Faithful jumped down onto our stage and ordered me to kill him. I couldn't. Unsheathing my hidden dagger I drove it into the chest of The Faithful.

Patchy and I were able to escape, but in the midst of our running, many blades befell us, unnoticed to us, he had a throwing star protruding from his eye. It must of been the most painful thing. I had to admit him to an infirmary after he fainted. That is when I left, never allowing him to see me until recently.


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Re: Lead to Fire stories
« Reply #3 on: October 12, 2014, 02:37:40 PM »
Construction at Noon


After Patchy left the post I stayed there staring over the cliff, daydreaming about a good meal and some ale. Time passed and I stayed on watch. I couldn't let another attack take lives... I know in a war it is inevitable, but my job is to postpone that. I am indebted to the "Sister," the leader of us commoners, The Animal's Army, the renegades... We have so many names I just want a single tag to wear on my shoulder.

She is a Goddess among women, the fairest of all the mammals. Her beauty is unmatched by anyone known to this side of the rock we live on. One of the best, if not the best, strategists to lead an army during any war. And unfamiliar to the aristocrats, she is very skilled with a blade. She practices in secret, the same I do with my daggers, every slash, every sweep, every lunge and every jete', its fascinating, the way she fights seems so close to dancing.

The sun arose above our heads. I must've finally dozed off. Hopefully everything is still running smoothly. I head back to camp, and to my surprise Sister is outside helping with construction.

:"Ay, sis' why you out so early?" I called out.

"Its almost midday you hooligan."

"Is that any way to treat your personal guard madam?"

"Well since you're working for me, nope."

I laughed and so did the rest of the workers. I started to help lay the stones down. Curious to know what we were building, I hurried in my work. It looked like the beginning workings of a treburchet. It seemed sturdy enough to lift even the biggest of boulders. After a while we had completed half of the main structure and it was time to take a break. I walked back to the War Tent with Sister to talk.

"Have you any sightings of where those vermin from last night came from?" She asked with a furled brow.

"No ma'am, I stayed on post to make sure no more attacks came that night."

"I guess that was the best call... and thank you for deeds, I heard you took on three of them at once."

"It wasn't much of a fight, they aren't the brightest creatures, and hey, only three? I could take on twelve!"

"Much bragging comes from you Najoo"

Najoo... I forget how she knows my first name. Its always a good sound, only friends know of that name.

We sat and drank and ate for the rest of the day talking about little things, as well as planning a scouting mission for the night.


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Re: Lead to Fire stories
« Reply #4 on: October 12, 2014, 02:38:33 PM »
The Four Tasks of Scouting


Me and sister talked throughout the day of our best plan of attack and defense for this camp, but to make the correct decision we needed to complete a list of four tasks.

First : To scout our surroundings, find any nearby camps, or resource caches.
Second : If any enemy bases are found, plan the most efficient route towards the enemy encampments and start rolling as soon as possible.
Third :Discover their weakness, what personnel they have within, and exploit that.
Fourth : Pray to what ever may be up there that our team makes it out in one piece.

I planned to only take a few men with me. We would set out in a group of 4, to match our tasks.

I would be in charge of surveying our surroundings as well as being in the lead, up until we reached an enemy base.

Then I would send Scrundle, a Mole fighter I think is related to Miss Tucker, to find the most efficient pathway to this area.

Jet, the fastest Hummingbird from the East to the West, would fly through with a mental checklist, writing down each animal with a weapon, and each without.

And lastly, Patchy would come along in case of emergency. I just wanted our best fighter with us.

We set out. My eyes peels watching through the trees and tufts of bush in the way. I paced my look around all 270 degrees my eyes could look. Finally, I found some Mouse tracks, but there was no tail dragging between them... It must've been the one I let free last night!

Our pace quickened, still being wary of making too much noise, until I stopped, at an old bridge that seemed very familiar. I looked across the river which flowed under the bridge and cut the land between our forest area, and a long barren wasteland. I could tell where we were. We were on the outskirts of the forbidden land, and those rats weren't from Bellafide's aristocratic platoon of henchmen... they were acolytes of the Clergy...

Not many are aware of the Clergy's evil doing. Though revered for being the ones to make such horrible unmoral decisions for the good of the community, the Clergy were the deciders of whom would be slaughtered. Who would be killed for the consumption by the rest of us. Everyone looked up to them as heroes for being able to make such a sacrifice, to be the ones to be known as murderers, ironic. They never elected someone from their own tribes to be killed, they never elected someone from their council to be killed, and they certainly were susceptible to bribery. They were nothing more than lucky animals who were appointed to a position of power, and all they did was look out for their own. Never voting fairly and never thinking of the people. Now, that our nations have split, they are now trying to gain the control over the land they once had. Though Bellafide and his people were opposed to the Clergy like we are, they would do the same... only look out for their people. As we cannot deal with the aristocrats right now, the Church can be attacked, and one of their major banks of assembly was mere walking distance from us. This is our chance to turn the tide of this war so early on. We have to take it.


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Re: Lead to Fire stories
« Reply #5 on: October 12, 2014, 02:39:36 PM »


With only the four of us there, we set up camp beneath the threshold to the bridge. There was a rather large river that separated the land of the trees to the Forbidden Land.

The Forbidden Land, is the area where the Clergy reside and do their business. Fort Sar'kash lay directly in front of us waiting for our plunder. Sar'kash is the one the Clergy look up to as their one and only God. Sar'kash, they say, is a large Owl that roams the Forbidden Land preying on the weak and unable. The only reason the Owl hasn't spread his domain to the entire continent is because of the Clergy. My guess is that they either control the Owl themselves, or they present him with many a sacrifice, stealing from the butchers... Both outcomes are equally as terrifying. Either they will be able to use this powerful Avian to win the war in one fell swoop, or with the drought of meat, their contract with the devil will soon have its ink dried.

Now, to be able to assault the Fort safely, I have a plan.

"Scrundle, you are one of the best land-roamers in the known world, I need you to find your way over to Lightning Ledge. Where the Otters of the Thunder tribe reside. Once you reach the top, there will be a large rock. I need you to speak loud and clearly into the small whole "Najoo has come for his requisition." When you are taken to their chief, explain to her of our situation and have them meet us up river here."

The Mole nodded and sprinted off.

"Jet, you are faster than the wind that carries you. I need you to go find the Murder Crows and tell them that I, Najoo, require their favor. Tell them to meet us here at the bridge."

The Hummingbird zipped through the trees to the east.

"Now Patchy, I still have my acolyte robes from my days within the Clergy, I need you to stay here and look out for the others, if you think you might need assistance go back to camp and gather some other fighters. We can definitely use their support. I will venture forth and learn as much as I can from within the walls."

"Aye sir." Patchy responded and headed back to camp.

Now for me, I changed into the robes I hoped to never wear again. Its a ten minute walk to the Fort, I'll need that time to calm my voice. The followers that will reside within are trained in the art of expression.

Luck be with us all.


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Re: Lead to Fire stories
« Reply #6 on: October 12, 2014, 02:40:38 PM »
Out of Time


This trek across the small stretch of barren land between the bridge and the fort needs to be enough time to get my emotions im check. I calm myself repeatedly before finally approaching the monstrous gate. I knocked 3 times then hissed for one and a quarter seconds, just like I was taught. Exactly 12 seconds later I said as sleepily as possible "hail the snake, though thou are not seen, thou are still present in the fight for life." The door in the bottom left of the gate unlocks and opens. I slowly walk through the threshold into the ante-chamber. My mind is scattered but my look is focused, I just hope the reinforcements come by the time I have planned.

I walk through the fort just seeing whats around. This place is full of Snakes, just as I thought. That's why I sent for the Murder Crows, a gang of Avian killers. They are the best at their job, and can see an animal hiding in the shadows like its nobody's business. Which is what the Snakes do best... hide. I'm counting about 30 snakes. If I even step out of line I'll be dead in seconds if I can't outrun them. Keep cool Najoo, you just need to find the entry point near the river.


"Najoo has come for his's requisition" Oh boy, this is exciting. Wonder what happens next eh.

"Well that's some tough luck." It sounded like an otter talking from the stone.

A hidden entryway opened and two Otters came out, one holding a rifle and the other only with a small blade, what a laugh.

"There's no way you could be with THE Najoo."

The otter with the blade lunged for me. What a thrill! I dug my way into the cliff and moved along my merry way.

"What? Where'd he go!?"

Even I get surprised sometimes at how fast we Moles can dig. I shoot straight upward drilling through the ground smashing the Otter holding the small gun with my long mallet. He's out cold. A mighty laugh came from my mouth. Oh this is fun.

"Aarrrrg!" the remaining Otter yelled as he slashed my side.

Ooo, that one hurt but not as bad as this. I thrust my mallet into his stomach then as he was reeling I swung my hammer in a circle clocking the side of his head. Not hard enough to kill him, just hard enough that I could laugh again.

"Now what was that about Najoo?"


I love the noise my wings make going through the trees. Its a nice whistle. I've known where the Murder Crows reside, I've just never ventured to their camp in these woods, I never thought I'd need to. Some luck huh? I found the outskirts of their camp and zipped up to some of the crows.

"Hey, hows it goin'?"

I apparently scared them because they jump upwards into flight and held up their rifles.

"Who are you to enter our camp uninvited?"

Ignoring them, I flew up the hill faster then they could keep up, they shot a few times but hey, flustered fliers have pretty bad aim. Zip. Zip. Zipperoo! I found my way to the top of the hill and into the hut at the top. More than likely the home of the commander. Pretty sure I was right, because a larger than average crow was sitting at a table drinking some ale it seemed. He had a large scar going down his face... A real charmer.

"Why do you disturb me?" He let out as he gulped his drink.

"Najoo would like to redeem his 'favor.' "


Its been almost four hours, I know Patchy will send a single smoke signal when they are ready, boy I hope they are soon. I'm being watched and I know it. I've counted a total of forty-five Snakes, only thirty of which are capable of fighting, a minimal amount of Lizards ready at arms, a squadron of Mice all itching to do anything rather than sit, they're even fighting among themselves. And some Condors with some giant hand-cannons... I'm almost out of time. There's a tailless Mouse following me.