Pocketwatch Games
Based in San Diego, California

Founding date:
January 1, 2005


Press / Business contact:

Twitter: @PocketwatchG

Tooth And Tail

2901 North Park Way
Suite 100
San Diego, CA 92104
United States

(619) 987-3167


Pocketwatch Games has been around since 2005, handcrafting the finest games out of all natural ingredients, including, but not limited to, caribou hide and rock salt.


Early History

Pocketwatch Games was founded in 2005 by game designer Andy Schatz. In those days, the "indie games" movement was just beginning, and like most other solo developers, Andy Schatz was making games more for passion than profit. The first game -- Wildlife Tycoon: Venture Africa -- received a suprise nomination for the 2006 IGF Grand Prize and sold nearly 100,000 copies, largely in retail boxes. The followup game, another ecosystem simulator caleld Venture Arctic, didn't fare so well, nearly putting the company out of business.

Recent History

After some lean times, Andy Schatz began prototyping a game concept that he had been imagining for years: Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine. After Monaco won both the Grand Prize and Excellence in Design awards at the 2010 IGF, the company began to grow into its current form. Andy Nguyen came on board as Level Designer, QA Lead, and Community Manager. Austin Wintory composed the soundtrack, and Adam deGrandis returned as Lead Artist. Monaco launched in April, 2013, and has since sold almost 2 million copies via Steam, XBLA, and Humble Bundle.

Current History

Real-Time-Strategy game Tooth and Tail launched in September 2017, receiving Strategy Game of the Year nominations from The Game Awards, IGN, Hardcore Gamer, and a nomination for Excellence in Narrative in the 2018 Independent Games Festival. Tooth and Tail is now available on Steam, GOG, and PS4.



Monaco: What's Yours is Mine - OFFICIAL Trailer YouTube

Tooth and Tail - OFFICIAL Gameplay Teaser YouTube



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Awards & Recognition

  • "(Tooth and Tail) Nominee - 2017 Strategy Game of the Year" - The Game Awards
  • "(Tooth and Tail) Nominee - 2017 Strategy Game of the Year" - IGN
  • "(Tooth and Tail) Nominee - 2017 Strategy Game of the Year" - Hardcore Gamer
  • "(Tooth and Tail) Nominee - Excellence in Narrative" - 2018 Independent Games Festival
  • "(Tooth and Tail) Honorable Mention - Excellence in Audio" - 2018 Independent Games Festival
  • "(Tooth and Tail) Honorable Mention - Excellence in Visual Art" - 2018 Independent Games Festival
  • "(Monaco) Winner - Seamus McNally Grand Prize" - 2010 Independent Games Festival
  • "(Monaco) Winner - Excellence in Design" - 2010 Independent Games Festival
  • "(Monaco) Finalist" - 2010 Indie Game Challenge
  • "(Monaco) 2013 Co-op Game of the Year" - Destructoid.com
  • "(Venture Arctic) 2007 Sim Game of the Year" - GameTunnel
  • "(Wildlife Tycoon Venture Africa) Nominee - Seamus McNally Grand Prize" - 2005 Independent Games Festival

Selected Articles

  • "One of the best co-op games of all time."
    - Cassandra Khaw, PC Gamer Magazine
  • "Might well end up being one of the best-loved games of the decade."
    - Jim Rossignol, Rock Paper Shotgun
  • "9 out of 10, One of the most unique and addicting games of 2013"
    - Marty Sliva, IGN

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